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How to reduce vehicle downtime

How to reduce vehicle downtime

Downtime! It’s the biggest yet unforeseen setback in the transport industry. It can happen at any time, and cost you a huge amount of money, especially if you’re in the trucking industry, where your vehicles transport various goods, including perishable goods. 

Here are some expenditures or losses which you may encounter due to the downtime:

There are multiple expenditures or losses which you may bear due to it, for example, renting replacement vehicles, hiring extra manpower, towing, emergency repair costs, and so on. 

Let’s talk about some precautions or metrics which will help you minimize the chance of this mishap in trucking industry:

Best-suited Vehicles

If you’re in the transportation business, you should ensure to buy agile and wear-and-tear resistance vehicles. The cost and availability of the motor parts matter a lot. Buy a vehicle whose body parts are easily available in the travel routes of your transportation business. Besides, it’s always recommended to buy new vehicles as the chances of unplanned expenses are less. Buy the right vehicles for different purposes. 

Proper Inspection

Routine inspections or inspecting the vehicle before any journey is one of the most important and essential parts in avoiding the scope of downtime. Use vehicle telematics systems to detect fault codes in your vehicle and fix them accordingly.

Routine Maintenance

Some metrics, such as time-to-time vehicle servicing, changing improperly working or defected motor parts, fixing various wear and tear conditions, etc., are highly recommended and essential to avoid downtime in the long journey. Don’t be optimistic about the conditions of various motor parts. Check each part super critically and replace them if necessary. 

Proficient Drivers

Smart and proficient drivers play a pivotal role in minimizing the chance of downtime. You need best-fitted drivers for various classes of vehicles, who are experienced in avoiding unwanted jerks, wear and tear, and adept at managing fleet management software. An efficient driver can save you for big losses and downtime scenarios. The presence of mind and proactive approach play a crucial role in it. 

Cost-effective servicing

Minimize shop time be it during the downtime or regular maintenance ensure the following key points to curtail the maintenance cost:

Strive to schedule regular maintenance when your vehicle is idle. 

Confirm beforehand whether the required parts are available or not.

Eliminate unwanted time and steps at the repair shop. 

We, at Swiftans, take care of all these aspects to minimize any such crisis and ensure that no good journey comes under the impact of downtime.   

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