How to prepare your shipment effectively

How to prepare your shipment effectively

It is very essential for a logistics company to handle the shipment and cargo precisely, and with care. The goods are the most important element in any shipment. And, it is the duty of the trucking company to deliver the goods on time and in one piece. Any loss, damage or delays can lead to uncertain affairs.

To avoid and overcome the mentioned challenges, everyone looks for a reliable, responsible and trusted shipping partner.

Swiftans Logistics is one of the reputed and dependable logistics companies in Canada. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we continue to assist our clients with their shipping requirements all over Canada and the US.

Let’s check some of the intrinsic factors to understand how we run the shipment process smoothly:

1- Using proper packaging:

The packaging is an important element when it comes to moving your goods from one place to another. A perfect packaging according to the size and good type makes you an ideal logistics company. At Swiftrans, we know and understand the different packaging units such as crater, pallets, boxes, etc. and use them effectively for the shipment. Generally, craters are used for small items, whereas pallets are utilized during heavy shipments.

Moreover, in the case of mixed items, it is sufficient to keep heavy items at the bottom and small lightweights on the top. Proper packaging of the goods helps us with time management and prevents damages. 

2- Detailed package labeling:

Why is this important? The labeling on the shipping boxes and pallets work as a guide to handle the items. The best is to have a big label on each item with comments. For instance, which side to keep up or “fragile items”, these kinds of remarks are tremendously useful during loading and unloading. Labeling not only helps to identify the goods but also adds another layer of safety to the shipment.

3- Verify dimension and weight:

It is integral to verify the dimension of the packed goods for shipment. At Swiftrans, we carefully examine the dimension and report the correct height, width and length to prevent any confusion. Moreover, it is very essential to check the shipment load. The correct load on the shipment facilitates better vehicle performance, timely delivery and avoids any road mishaps.

4- Preparing BOL (Bill of Lading)

For any transportation and logistics company, it is of utmost importance to have all the necessary documents handy during the shipment. Bill of Lading (BOL) is an intrinsic document required to deliver the goods as it contains all the shipment details. Swiftrans logistics creates precise BOL for your shipments and attaches the document with the freight for easy accessibility.

Having a designed shipment plan helps in quick shipping, saves any additional fees and prevents damage to the goods. The above-mentioned tips are helpful to smoothly manage the shipment process. 

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