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Tips to make your drivers effective and productive:

Tips to make your drivers effective and productive:

In every trucking or logistics company, drivers are the most important resource. Without a team of reliable drivers, it is impossible to run a successful business. Skilled drivers not only bring safety on the roads but also allow you to save unwanted costs.

At Swiftrans logistics — one of the trusted trucking company in Canada, we work with a team of responsible drivers who effectively run the fleet. We understand the importance of our clients’ orders and deliver them with safety. 

Drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry. It is true to report that most accidents are caused due to the casualness of the drivers, not the performance or condition of the vehicle.

Drivers are the reason behind the safety, performance, and maintenance of the vehicle. Hence, drivers play an intrinsic role in the profitability of our business. 

Are your drivers responsible or would you like to improve their performance?

There are some simple techniques that certainly help your drivers to be effective, safe, and cost-beneficial for your fleet. Let’s understand the techniques below and make your drivers better:

1- Determine the increasing risk factors:

Undoubtedly, distraction during driving is the main cause of accidents. As reported by the Transport Accident Commission, your 2 seconds of distraction from the road running at 50km/hr is equivalent to 27 meters of driving blind. Using mobile phones during driving is considered as the main source of distraction for the drivers, even when they are put on hands-free.

Consumption of alcohol or any other drug is another reason for meeting accidents while driving. Fatigue is even dangerous!

It is advisable to prevent all the mentioned risk factors to have a safe and responsible journey.

2- Educating Drivers:

It is important for a logistics company to help drivers in understanding the risks and distractions which lead to any road tragedy. It is very crucial to change the driver’s mindset and behavior in terms of safety. 

Driver’s training and education on these sensitive topics should never stop. With a regular change of laws and orders, it is essential to keep your drivers up to date.

3- Help them adopting the company’s policy:

Similarly, like educating the drivers about road safety measures and general laws, it is essential for them to precisely understand the company policy. For instance, at Swiftrans Logistics, we make sure that a driver is medically fit before starting its journey. Hence, the trucker should understand and adhere to the company policies.

Where is a law, there are lawbreakers. And, where are lawbreakers, there are punishments. Likewise, these company policies are obligatory terms followed by each member of the company.

The fleet manager should help the fleet members to obey the policies.

4- Performance data:

A performance sheet is an important document to track the performance of each trucker. This data will also encourage them to improve or maintain the good work. At Swiftrans, our truckers seriously follow the performance sheet which helps them to stay organized. This data is also useful to analyze the risk and make better policies for the fleet.

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